2020-RRIL Book.

RRIL-IO-1 Report RRI in Catalonia.

RRIL-IO-1 Report RRI in Finland.

RRIL-IO-1 Report RRI in Poland.

RRIL-IO-1 Report RRI in three countries; Finland, Poland and Spain-Catalonia.
IO2-4 Spanish
RRIL Programme at Canvas.

RRIL Presentación Compromiso Público.

RRIL Presentación Igualdad de Género.

RRIL Presentación del Curso Introductorio.

RRIL Presentación Ética.

RRIL Presentación Programa.
DP1-2021 Sustainability & Sustainable development.

DP-02-2021 Competences for Sustainable Citizenship.

RRI Working Paper Collection Learningmodules.
IO2-4 English
RRIL Programme at Canvas.

RRIL Public Engagement Course Presentation.

RRIL Gender Course Presentation.

RRIL Introduction to Resi Course Presentation.

RRIL Ethics Course Presentation.

RRIL Learning Programme Presentation.
2019 EduLearn Co-creation Presentation.

2019 ICRE RRILPresentation Co-creation.

2019 RRI for ICERI.

2019 UALL RRIL poster.
Flyer RRIL.

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